PLP 4 Services

Let me introduce myself……


Hi there! My name is Penny Lee Prevost and my passion is to help people realize their full potential, unlocking their hidden abilities through the “4 C’s of Success” strategy.

I encourage individuals to move out of their comfort zone and leads by example. September 2014 I led the way by stepping wayyyy out of my comfort zone when I went skydiving to overcome my fear of heights. Stepping through fear is a challenge that many resist.

I connect people in business to expand their client base and build alliances for collaborative efforts which increase their productivity for a profitable return.

Not only do I mentored many entrepreneurs to success in business over my 25 year career in sales & marketing, but I have also found that the same success principals have led to phenomenal results in their personal lives as well. My passion is fueled by the synergy created when like-minded people come together to support one another as a community.

Let me share a little about my family…..

I am a devoted wife & mother to 3 beautiful daughters who have embraced the magic of having a positive attitude zone in their home and has applied the GradUit Thrivers training personally and professionally.