GradUit Thrivers



As a Co-Founder of GradUit Thrivers Inc. I am excited to carry on the work and legacy of our original founder, Melanie Hayden-Sparks.  Melanie’s vision of a better world, connected community members who are role-model for the younger generation has already touched many Canadians.  To carry on all that she embodies and has taught our founding members, is an honour and a privilege.

GradUit Thrivers is a unique community made up of positive, pay-it-forward, purpose-drivien individuals that support you in discovering your beliefs and influences, reframe your negative thoughts, and turn your feelings into actions!

“Even though I have been a member for a few months, I find I am already feeling a shift.  Participating in accountability calls helps me stay on track and motivated to achieve my weekly goals,”

And more about our ReSolutions weekend …

If you are indecisive you should still experience this program. A weekend is such a short time in the big picture. Worth every minute.  — Julie D

I gained a deeper understanding of who I am & what I want. — Gayle W

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